Click Be! Is the easiest website programs available. To start your site
click on the icon.

Next click on the install. It will ask you for where you want it installed. Put
it in the root directory. Below is the screen after installing the program.

Click Be! (Website Developer)

You will then be able to access your website directly for the default settings or go to the admin section to customize your site, which I’m sure you will want to do.


The Admin login page.


The Admin page: From here you are able to control all aspects of your website.


The Setup page: This is where you will put in your information pertaining to your site. Where you want you emails to be sent, date format, copyright information, and you meta tags to help make your site search engine friendly. The meta tags can very well determine your rankings on the search engines.


The Setup/Contact page: This is where you will put in your information pertaining to your being able to contact you and will show up on your contact page of  your website.


The Content section: This is where you build the content of your website. Putting in new pages, adding images, creating a image gallery or adding the images to your articles. Some pages are standard and cannot be deleted and will be included with each website. These are Feedback, Tell A Friend, Links, Guestbook, and Mailing List.


The Go Live section: This is where you pick the template you would like to use. Choose from over 200 templates. Once your site is up and running you can go back and change your template at any time with a simple click of the mouse and your site can take on a whole new look.