New Domain Registrations

When signing up with Great Buy Web Hosting, we can register your new domain name at the same time you sign up, but we highly suggest that you set up your account at Great Buy Domains. Domain name registration and renewals are $10 per year.

If Great Buy Web Hosting registers your domain name for you, Great Buy Web Hosting will control your domain name and you will need to contact Great Buy Web Hosting for any changes to the domain name that might needed to be done. We really don’t mind. Later, if you wish to transfer the domain name away from us, we will help you there also.

Domain Name Transfers

Domain Name Transfers can be confusing to some. If you are transferring from one host to another, you are not actually transferring your domain name from your registar to us. You are simply changing the DNS address for your domain name to point to our servers.

To point your Domain Name to our servers you just need to change the Domain Name Server (DNS) address.

Many Registrars send you a user name and password to modify your DNS settings for your domain, you will need that information to continue.

Please note: To insure no downtime to your website, Do Not cancel your current web hosting account until 3-5 days after your registrar has pointed your domain towards our servers. Also, for uninterrupted email, please setup the same email accounts that you have with your current host.

To change your domain name's DNS Address to our servers, you just need login at the registry through which your domain name was registered and make the necessary changes. Just about all of the registries now offer this option.

The part of your domain name record that needs to be changed is the Name Server Information or Domain Name Server Address section.

Replace the information currently there with:

Secondary Name Server:

To check if it went through, you can look up your domain name in a couple days and press the button to see the Whois output to see your InterNIC record. Once you see our Nameserver addresses listed in your domain name record, it means your domain name is pointing to our servers.

If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

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