The first, and probably most important, of all the steps is to get your website uploaded or published to the Internet. Because there are many programs that will allow you to upload your site, we have listed and linked to some of the more popular ones.

What you need to know about FTP first
All of your files and subdirectories go into your public_html directory. DO NOT DELETE ANY DIRECTORIES OR FILES ALREADY IN YOUR ACCOUNT. The files pertaining to your web site that you design should be uploaded to your public_html directory and should be the only files you ever replace.

There are several ways depending on your computer system, that you can transfer files to your account directory. The process by which files are transferred to the web server is called "FTP" (File Transfer Protocol). You have unlimited access via FTP 24 hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure.

Online services which offer an Internet gateway, such as AOL, and others, may have a built-in FTP interface. If you have a PPP Internet account, you need an FTP program. Click here to download the newest version of WS_FTP Pro or click here for WS_FTP Home for the PC, one of the most popular FTP programs on the web.

General Settings For All FTP Programs
Host Name/Address: or ftp.yourIPaddress if your domain name is not pointing to our servers yet
User ID: Your Account User Name
Password: Your Account Password
Host Directory or Remote Directory:  public_html

Upload your files for your website to your public_html directory. The userid and password will be the userid and password that you received in the welcome email when you signed up with Great Buy Web Hosting.

Where To Put Your Files
When you upload your web site files to our servers using FTP you need to put those files in your public_html directory on your account. Putting them outside this directory will result in your site not being seen or operating properly.

What To Name Your Home Page
It is highly recommended to name your home page index.html. If you prefer to use another name for your home page, here are the other files that can be used for your home page:


FTP Software you can download (most are trial versions but a couple are free)
To download FTP software including CuteFTP for PC's and Mac's, go here.
To download FTP software including FETCH for Mac's, go here.

To download FireFox’s FTP program (you must be using FireFox to download) go here, then click on FireFTP.

To download BulletProof FTP program, go here.

To download DirectFTP, by Coffeecup, go here.

This is just a list of some of the many FTP programs available to help with some of your searching.

Using your File Manager To Upload Files

If you would prefer not to use any of the programs above, we do offer the ability to upload your site using the File Manager, located within your Control Panel.

Here are the steps you will go through if you would like to use this for uploading your pages:

Enter your Control Panel by going to your and entering the username and password that we provided you with.

Click on the File Manager link.

The File Manager Directory
Selection will come up. Select
the Web Root to go into the
public_html directory.

Click on the upload
folder and upload

the files to your

You are now finished uploading your site!

Publishing / Uploading Your Site