What is SSL?

SSL (Secured Socket Layer), is used for sending and receiving sensitive information such as Credit Card information across the World Wide Web. It ensures encrypted/secure communications between the client and receiving server. The SSL protocol supports the use of a variety of different cryptographic algorithms, or ciphers, and most of which provide 40, 56, 128 or 256 bit encryption security.

Key-exchange algorithms like KEA and RSA key exchange govern the way in which the server and client determine the symmetric keys they will both use during an SSL session. The most commonly used SSL cipher suites use “RSA” key exchange, which many of your have probably seen displayed on numerous websites, and next to a provider called “GeoTrust” or “VeriSign” or others, who issues the SSL Server Certificates. A certificate is used to officially identify you as a legitimate SSL enabled website, and displays your name as the certified holder when visitors check it.

When to use SSL?

SSL is not generally, nor should it be used for all pages on a website. SSL is most commonly used for the sending and receiving of sensitive information such as credit cards, membership ID’s, or customer billing information access. SSL need only be used on the “particular” page where the secure activity is taking place. ALWAYS use SSL when asking for credit card information. If visitors do not observe the https:// appearing on the form URL, and the “SSL Symbol” does not illuminate in there browser, they won’t be doing the a whole lot of business with you. No one wants his or her credit card information intercepted and stolen as the result of a site not using SSL encryption!

SSL Usage? Dedicated vs Shared?

Dedicated SSL means you will be able to access your website in secure mode the following way:

https://www.domain.com/  (Notice the S in the end of http)

Anything you have in the public_html folder will be and can be accessed securely using the https://. There is no such thing as a folder to put secure stuff in, basically anything in the public_html can be accessed this secured way.

Shared SSL is basically using and sharing an SSL certificate of a dedicated SSL domain.

Basically you would still use the https:// but then you would have to use the shared certificate address, your user name then the page you want secured.


Dedicated certificate would look like this:


Shared certificate would look like this:


Our shared certificate address is: https:dime148.dizinc.com/~username

This is free to anyone who is hosted on our server.

If you do not like this, then a dedicated SSL created for your account would be the solution. A dedicated SSL requires a dedicated IP address also and is $4 a month.

What do SSL Certificates Cost?
Certificates may be purchased from a variety of different vendors. Each vendor has their own prices. Consult the vendor site for cost information.

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