Webmail allows you to check your email from a web browser as opposed to a desktop mail application such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. This means that you can check your email from any web browser. Please make sure to log out when checking your email on public computers so that other people cannot read your email.

Method 1: From the control panel you will click on the icon Webmail.
                 Then login to the email account you want to check.

                To login to your account, you will use the full email address as
                  the user name then the password you set up for that account.

Method 2. You can check the webmail for any account by logging into http://yourdomianname.com/webmail with the full username (user@domain.com) and password for the email account.

To check your mail through a desktop application you will need to configure the application. Your incoming mail server will be mail.yourdomainname.com. You will need to use the full username (user@domain.com) and password when setting up your account in your desktop mail application. For the outgoing mail server, you will need to check with your IP provider for this.