We have integrated a good amount of Advanced Tools in the Great Buy Web Hosting Hosting Control Panel. All these tools will allow you to do quick things such as safeguarding a directory using a pass word and also more elaborate ones like, as an example, shifting the PHP version of your cloud hosting account. Although the duties they do vary, each of the Advanced Tools have 1 thing in common. They’re really user–friendly and involve no special expertise on your part.

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself from traffic cyber–theft

Any time you produce unique content there’s always somebody who will try to get hold of it without having your permission. It applies simultaneously to written content plus graphics. And here, the Hotlink Protection tool integrated into Great Buy Web Hosting’s Hosting Control Panel will truly assist you. With a click of the mouse, you will safeguard all graphics within your site by stopping other websites from backlinking to them.

This way, not only will you put a stop to other people from stealing your pictures, but you’ll at the same time ensure that you stick to your monthly data traffic limitation.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Computerized creation of .htaccess files

By making use of the .htaccess file, it’s easy to manage your web site – configure redirections, come up with password shielded folders, and much more. Within the Great Buy Web Hosting Hosting Control Panel, you can quickly set up brand new .htaccess files by making use of Great Buy Web Hosting’s mighty .htaccess Generator.

You don’t need to know anything with regards to .htaccess files so as to operate our .htaccess Generator. Only identify the alterations you desire to generate employing the tool’s intuitive point and click user interface and our the is going to quickly generate the necessary code on your behalf.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malevolent IPs from your website

If you have a hot website, sooner or later you become a victim of spammers and destructive website visitors. You can easily defend all your sites from these types of activities using the IP blocking instrument incorporated into the Hosting Control Panel. The tool can help you efficiently obstruct an IP address or even an entire array of IP addresses by using a click of the mouse.

Merged with the precise web stats as well as Great Buy Web Hosting’s GeoIP redirection software tools, the IP Blocking tool will allow you to properly manage the ways to access your website.

IP Blocking